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Reynolds Built Pizza Peels

Your guide to Pizza Peels!

What is a pizza peel?

Pizza peels are a kitchen utensil that is used to easily slide raw, shaped and topped pizza dough into a pizza oven, onto a pizza stone or where ever you cook your pizza! Pizza peels are typically made from wood or metal and have been around since pizza was invented, so just about forever. For the home chief and pizza enthusiast a pizza peel can replace their cutting board and provide a professionally smooth, dough to pizza stone transition. Pizza Peels come in varied sizes, shapes and materials, but at the end of the day if the design is right, they should all get the job done!

How is a Reynolds Built pizza peel made?

All of our pizza peels are made from 100% pure hard wood and by hand from start to finish. Every Reynolds Built pizza peel goes through a multistage built process, starting with wood selection and acclimation. Regardless of the type of wood you choose for your pizza peel, all of the wood is carefully selected at a sub mill location, choosing only the pieces with the truest grain and coloration, giving the finished pizza peel its deep rich soul. All wood spends time acclimating in the shop prior to pizza peel fabrication, in order to equalize hydration levels in the wood and decrease warping. Following acclimation of the wood, the wood for the specific pizza peel is chosen, cut and trued to rough size. At this point the appropriately sized template is traced onto and cut out of the rough blank giving the pizza peel its initial recognizable shape. The next step defines the difference between a cutting board and a pizza peel, the bevel. The bevel on a pizza peel is located on the front radius or edge and continues up the sides of the pizza peel. The pizza peel’s bevel is made using multiple process in order to remove the material, refine the slope and guarantee a consistent contact point. All of the pizza peels edges are softened up and the pizza peel is sanded with gradually finer sand paper to be brought to the silky-smooth surface they arrive in. A final polishing with our Reynolds Built Board Polish and buffing makes your pizza peel ready to be shipped!

What is the difference between a wood pizza peel and a metal pizza peel?

For starters, one is made of wood and the other is made of metal, however metal pizza peels can have wood handles and sometimes wood pizza peels have metal handles. Wood pizza peels are thicker through the body of the peel, while a metal pizza peel is thinner through the body of the peel. The only functional difference between metal and wood pizza peels is really minimal to the home chief and pizza enthusiast. Some people say the thinner the body of the pizza peel, the easier it is to retrieve the pizza from a deep style pizza oven, others would say technique overrides tools, at Reynolds Built we say to each their own, let’s just eat some pizza.

When should I use a long-handled pizza peel?

Long-handled pizza peels are designed for use with deep, traditional style, pizza ovens, where the pizza is placed deep in the oven near the center to rear, depending on number of pizzas and oven design. Ensuring the long-handled pizza peel’s bevel is at an appropriate grade is one of the keys to a functional long handled pizza peel. As with everything in life practice helps the process and pizza peel use is no different, specifically when referring to a long-handled pizza peel. A common issue pizza oven owners run into is retrieving the pizza from the oven once finished because they can’t slide the pizza peel far enough in the oven to properly seed under. This issue isn’t as prevalent with convection oven/pizza stone cooking as there is typically more overhead space in the entry to the convection oven versus that of the traditional style pizza oven. *Please email us for custom long handled orders

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